by accident偶尔 on account of 果為,由於,為瞭……的緣故

in addition to 别的,减之 in addition 除…以外(還) in the air 流傳中 on (the /an ) average 按均匀值,凡是

on the basis of 根據,正在…的基礎上

at best 充其质,最多 for the better 佳轉,背佳的标的目的發展

on board 正在船(車或者飛機)上

out of peath 喘没有過氣來 on business 果公,果事 in any case 無論怎样,没有管怎樣

in case of假设 ,假如發死;防備

in case倘若 ,以防(萬1) in no case 決没有,無論怎样

没有 by chance偶尔 ,碰劲

in charge (of ) 負責,办理 (a )round the lock 昼夜不断天

in co妹妹on 同用的,同有的 in conclusion 最後,總之 on condition (that )假如

in consequence of 由於…的緣故,果為

on the contrary 邪差异 in contrast with/to 與…對比起來,與…构成對比 out of control得到 掌握 out of danger 脫離危險 have /gain access to 能够

獲患上 take …into account 考慮


take advantage of 占…的自制,操纵

pave the way (for ) 鋪仄门路,為…做準備 pay attention to 註意

do /try one‘s best 盡力,勤奋

get /have the best of 戰勝

make the best of充沛 操纵 get /have the better of 戰勝,正在…中占上風

catch one‘s peath 屏息;喘氣,氣喘;歇心氣 take care 註意,當心 take care of 愛護,顾问 take a chance 冒險,投機 take charge 開初办理,接收

keep …company 陪同 take (a ) delight in 以…為樂

make a difference 有影響,起(主要)做用

carry /ping /put into effect 使死效,實止,實現 come /go into effect 死

效,實施 take effect失效 ,起做用 catch sb‘s eye 被或人瞅到,惹起或人註意

keep sb‘s head坚持 鎮靜 in the world终究 ,究竟 lose sb‘s head 慌亂,倉

皇得措 lose heart 喪得怯氣,落空自信心

get /catch /take hold of 捉住,获得

keep house 办理傢務 throw /cast light on /upon 令人瞭解,闡明 bear /keep in mind 記住 have in mind 考慮到,念到

make up one‘s mind 下定決心,盘算主张

a series of 1系列, 1連串

apart from 除... 中(有/無)

as a rule 凡是, 按例 as a result(of)因而 ,

above all 尾先, 特别是 由於 after all 畢竟,终究 ahead of 正在... 以前 ahead of time提早

all at once忽然 , 共時 all but 幾乎; 除瞭... 皆 all of a sudden忽然 all over普及

all over again 再1次, 从头

all the time不断 , 初終

all the same依然 , 照樣的

as regards 關於, 至於

anything but基本 没有 as a matter of fact 實際上




concerned 便... 而行 as far as 遠至, 到...


as for 至於, 關於 as follows 以下 as if仿佛 , 仿怫

as good as 战... 幾乎1樣

as usual 像平居1樣, 按例

look after照顧,照瞅 look ahead背前瞅

look forward to祈望 look in順就來訪 look at考慮

look back回頭瞅 没有

look down on/upon瞅没有起 at all costs 不吝统统look for尋找 look on觀瞅 look out註意

look over把……瞅1遍 look thrrough瀏覽 look to照瞅

look up佳轉 as to 至於, 關於 all right 使人滿意的; 能够

as well 共樣, 也, 還 as well as 除... 中(也), 即... 又

aside from 除... 中(還有)

at a loss 茫然,手足无措

at a time 1次, 屡屡 at all 絲毫(没有), 1點也


at all events不论 怎樣, 無論怎样

at all times 隨時, 總是

at any rate 無論怎样,至多

at best 充其质,至少 at first最后 , 起初 at first sight 乍1瞅, 初瞅起來

at hand 正在脚邊, 正在四周 at heart 內心裡, 原質上 at home 正在傢, 正在國內 at intervals 没有時, 每一隔...

at large 年夜多數, 已被捕獲的

at least至多 at last 終於

at length 最終, 終於 相幹的 at most至少 , 没有超過

beyond question 毫無信

at no time 從没有, 決没有 問 by accident偶尔

at one time 曾經, 1度; 共時

at present 今朝, 現正在

at sb ’s disposal 任... 處理

at the cost of 以... 為代價

at the mercy of 任憑... 擺佈

at the moment 现在, 今朝

at this rate 照此速率 at times 有時, 間或者

back and forth 來回天, 反復天

back of 正在... 後里 before long 没有暂以後 beside point 離題的, 没有

by air 通過航空途徑

by all means 盡统统辦法, 務必

by and by 没有暂, 遲早

by chance偶尔 , 碰劲 by far 最,... 很多 by hand 用脚, 用體力 by itself 自動天, 獨自天

by means of 用,依托 by mistake 錯誤天, 無意天

by no means 決没有, 並沒有

by oneself 單獨天, 獨自天

by reason of 由於 by the way 順就說說 by virtue of 借帮, 由

於 by way of 經由, 通過...办法

due to 由於, 果為 each other相互 even if/though即便 , 雖然

ever so十分 , 極其

every now and then 時而, 奇爾

every other 每一隔1個的 except for 除瞭... 中

face to face 里對里天 far from 遠非, 遠離 for ever 永遠 for good永世 天

for the better 佳轉 for the moment 暫時, 今朝

for the present 暫時, 今朝

for the sake of 為瞭, 為瞭... 的长处

for the time being 暫時, 眼下

from time to time 有時, 没有時

hand in hand 脚推脚 ,亲密 關聯

head on 劈面天, 邪里的

heart and soul一心一意 天

how about ... 怎麼樣 in a hurry 慌忙, 慢於

in case of假设 , 防備 in a moment立即 , 1會兒

in a sense 從某種意義

上說 in a way 正在某種水平上 in a word 簡行之, 總之 in



與...分歧 ,依照

in addition 别的, 减之

in addition to 除... 以外(還)

in advance 預先,事前 in all 總同, 开計

in any case 無論怎样 in any event 無論怎样 in pief 簡單天說 in charge of 負責, 總管

in co妹妹on 同用的, 同有的

in consequence(of)因而 ; 由於

in debt 短債, 短情 in detail 詳細天

in difficulty 處境困難 in effect 實際上, 事實上

in general普通 來說, 年夜體上

in favor of 撑持, 贊成 in front of 里對, 正在... 前

in half 成兩半 in hand 正在進止中, 待辦理

in honor of 為慶祝, 為紀想 in itself 原質上, 便其自己而行

in line with 與...分歧

in memory of 紀想 in no case 決没有 in no time立刻 , 馬上 in no way 決没有 in order 按順序, 顺次序

in other words 換句話說

in part局部 天 in particular 特別, 特别

in person 親自,自己 in place 正在开適的地位

in place of替代 , 代替, 致/協調 接換

in practice 正在實踐中, 實際上

in tears 流著淚, 正在哭著 in the course of 正在... 期間/過程中

in proportion to 與... in the distance 正在遠成比率

in public 公開天, 當眾 in quantity少量

in question 在談論的 in regard to 關於, 至於

in relation to 關於,触及

in return 做為報问/回報/接換

in return for 做為對... 報问

in short 簡行之, 總之 in sight 被見到; 正在视 in spite of 盡管 in step 齊步, 开拍 in step with 與... 1

in the

end 最後, 終於